When God Saves You From An Accident, Do These 5 Simple Things

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What should you do when God saves you from an accident? Have you ever been so close to a disaster, only to be seemingly rescued by divine intervention at the last possible second? It’s an experience that can be both terrifying and humbling. You feel a deep sense of gratitude towards God; after all, you know there was nothing else you could do in the situation. 

That’s what happened when I miraculously escaped an accident. Despite going slowly on my friend’s bike on a somewhat steep hill, I almost rammed myself head-on with no helmet into a ditch. However, in the nick of time, I received inexplicable help – I know my life was saved by something greater than myself.

God is the only person who knows what happened that day and how he saved me. 

I also heard the testimony a brother shared in church years ago. He was on an interstate trip on his Toyota Hiace Bus when he realized the vehicle wasn’t accelerating even though he had his foot on the accelerator. 

It was as if the bus was driving at a speed different from what the odometer on the car was showing. 

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So he let his foot off the accelerator and the car slowed down very quickly, and when he got down from the vehicle, to examine the engine, he realized that all the bolts on one of his tires were missing and that the last bolt holding that tire was about to detach from it.

Sounds incredible, but true!

When God Saves You From An Accident, Do This!

  1. Thank Him – Show appreciation for His protection and express your gratitude through prayer.
  2. Reflect – Take some time to evaluate the situation and ask yourself how you could have prevented it, or if there’s anything you can learn from it. 
  3. Watch out – Pay more attention and become more aware of potential dangers in the future. 
  4. Draw closer to Him – Reflect on how God’s hand has been active in your life and recognize that He is watching out for you even when you don’t think so.
  5. Share the testimony – Tell others about your experience and give God the glory due to Him!

Are Car Accidents A Sign From God?

It may sound a bit strange, but some people believe that car accidents and other dangerous situations are signs of God. To them, these near-misses could be the Lord’s way of warning us to take better care or make changes in our lives. 

There are no specific biblical backups that show that car accidents are a sign from God. The Bible makes it clear that all good and perfect gifts come from God (James 1:17), and that includes protection from danger. It’s also important to note that Jer. 29:11 highlights that God has plans and purposes for each of us. 

However, it doesn’t rule out the fact that God can use an accident as a means to protect us from something bigger and more harmful than the accident.

Bible Verses For Recovery From Accident

The Bible is full of verses and passages that can help us in times of trouble. Here are a few that can give you strength after an accident: 

  1. Isaiah 41:10
  2. Psalm 34:18 
  3. Deuteronomy 33:27 
  4. Isaiah 43:2
  5. Psalm 91:1-2

Final Thoughts 

When God saves you from an accident, it’s important to take time to recognize that you are blessed with His grace. Show your appreciation for His protection by thanking Him, reflecting on the situation, and becoming more aware of potential dangers in the future. Finally, don’t forget to share your story with others and give God all the glory due to Him. 

No matter how bad a situation may seem, remember that God is always watching over us and protecting us from harm. 

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