How To Tell If A Dream Is From God

How To Tell If A Dream Is From God

Are you ever unsure if the dreams and visions you experience are from God or not? Perhaps you have seen a certain symbol, heard a voice or had a vision that felt different to all other dreams. No matter what kind of dream you have experienced, knowing whether it is from God or not can be difficult to discern.

This blog post provides an in-depth exploration into how to tell if a dream is divinely inspired so that you can walk confidently in your faith. Read on for tips on recognizing when God has spoken directly through your dreams!

Can God Speak to You Through Dreams?

Does God speak to us in dreams?

The simple answer to that is yes. From the beginning of creation, God has communicated his word and will to His people through dreams. You can find a clear example in Genesis 15: 12-21, where God sealed His covenant with Abram after he fell into a deep sleep. 

Joseph also learned that Mary would conceive Jesus by the Holy Spirit through a dream. This clearly shows that some dreams are signs from God, and we need to be able to see the dreams that are from God and the ones that are not. The Lord uses our dreams to speak truth into our lives. Sometimes, God comes to us in a dream because we don’t spend quiet time listening to His voice. 

God works in mysterious ways, and one of those ways is through the dream. Although we’re not always aware of why He comes to us in a dream, we need to believe that He has a plan for us and will always be for our good. 

How to Tell if a Dream Is from God

How do you discern if a dream is from God? This question is unique; luckily, there are some ways to know if a dream is from God and not from the enemy. Although each dream is personal, some principles help you determine if a dream is from God. Below, we’ve outlined 8 ways to tell if a dream is from God; let’s take a look.

How To Tell If A Dream Is From God

1. If It Brings a Revelation Concerning What You’re Asking God About

Does the dream bring clarity and direction concerning a particular topic? If your answer is yes, then it is a dream from God. Sometimes God brings more revelations about an ongoing conversation between you and him. It is one of the ways God answers us when we pray to him. That’s why we need to recognize a dream is from Him when He continues the conversation 

2. It Comes with Divine Instructions

Although not all dreams come from God, the real ones that come from God come with divine instructions. Without this, then your dream is not from God. Dreams from the Lord always communicate and deliver a message. A dream without a message and clear instructions are not from God, so you can forget about it.

3. It is Repetitive (As in the Case of Pharaoh)

When a dream is from God, you can have the same dream again and again. Most times, God is trying to get your attention, and He appears in your dream repeatedly until you begin to listen. A clear example can be found in Genesis 41: 1-15 when Pharaoh had a dream, and in the same dream, he went back to sleep and had another dream. In this case, God was trying to get the attention of Pharaoh.

Although Pharaoh wasn’t described as a righteous man, God communicated to Him through a dream. He understood that these dreams were not ordinary and therefore went searching for answers. When your dreams are repetitive, it’s time to seek answers, as it could be a dream from God.

4. It Stays in Your Spirit, and You Don’t Struggle to Remember It

Most times, when we wake up, our dreams fade from our consciousness almost immediately. This is not the case when your dream is from God; you’ll remember. Dreams from God are always vivid, and you don’t have to struggle to remember them. It often begins to trouble our spirit in a way that we know something about this dream sets it apart from others. 

Long after you wake up, you will remember a dream from God in detail. Although there are times when we remember bits and pieces of a dream, dreams from God are always vivid, and we can recall every detail. When you experience this, it’s time to pay attention because God may be speaking to you.

5. It Comes as a Warning About Your Lifestyle and Relationships

God knows us quite intimately and therefore knows about our relationships and lifestyles. He knows what we’re going through and sometimes warns us about decisions we make through dreams. It might be God calling your attention when you have a repetitive and vivid dream about your relationships and lifestyle. 

Therefore, it’s important to recognize God’s voice when He reaches out to us. Although the message he passes might not be easy to accept at first, we need to learn to recognize His voice and accept the message he passes. 

6. You Get Future Insight About a Person or Things

Sometimes, God comes to us in the dream to provide future insight about someone or something in our life. Therefore, if you’re having a repetitive dream about someone or a thing that hasn’t happened yet, it might be a warning from God about what’s to come.

7. It Is Linked to What God has Previously Shown You and Brings More Revelation

God often brings depth to something He has previously revealed to you. If you have a revelation from God that you do not fully understand or get the whole picture, God could provide more insight through your dreams. Dreams are another channel that God uses to reveal His purposes and show us perspectives of what he wants us to do.

8. You Get an Interpretation When You Wake and Pray for an Interpretation

A dream from God doesn’t come with hassles. It is usually straightforward, and you will receive an interpretation when you pray for it. If you can’t put the dream together even after praying to God for interpretations, it might not be from God. Note that God doesn’t confuse with dreams; He doesn’t give complicated dreams.

When God gives instructions in the dream, it is clear and quite plain, just like His word. Therefore, his message is usually straightforward, and understanding comes with the dream. However, note that it might take some days or an event to understand the dream fully, but you will surely gain some understanding from God. 

What Should You Do When God Gives You a Dream?

What steps should you take when you receive a dream from God? We have the answers for you. Below are three steps you should take when God gives you a dream.

1. Pray for an Interpretation from God

When God gives you a dream, you should ask Him for insight into what the dream means. God confirms the meaning of a dream for the righteous in many ways, and you have to learn to recognize them. So present your dream to God and seek His interpretation. 

2. Search the Bible for Words Concerning the Dream/Central Message of the Dream

If there’s a topic or message from your dream, then you should study the Bible. If there are specific words, symbols, or metaphors in your dream, you can look them up in the Bible for more clarity. The Scripture is central to the interpretation and application of your dream. Therefore, you should rely on it for clarity.

Ensure that your dream interpretation is consistent with the Scripture and its teachings. God won’t give you a message in His Word and then contradict it in your dreams. 

3. Obey God’s Instruction

When you understand the dream from God and the divine instruction He gives, you should step out in faith and obey His instructions. The minute you follow God’s instructions, you begin cooperating with God to make His plans come to pass. Obedience is vital as we continue to pursue the presence of the Lord. When we search for the meaning of a dream and find it, obeying God is the next step in this adventure with God.

Bible Verses That Shows God Speaks to Us in Dreams and Visions

Dreams are an essential part of our Biblical stories and passages. They provide insight and foresight into the decisions and actions God wants us to take. Below are some Bible verses that show God speaks to us in dreams and visions. 

  1. Acts 2: 17.
  2. Numbers 12:6.
  3. Amos 3:7.
  4. Genesis 46:2


When God comes to us in a dream, it isn’t something to be ignored. There are varying ways you can tell if a dream is from God, and we’ve explored them in this article. These signs are crucial to understanding your dream and also taking action once you gain clarity on the message and divine instructions God has given you. So check up with each of the signs listed above to confirm the source of your dream is God and the steps to take once you’re sure. 

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