Prayers For Getting Closer To God

Prayers For Getting Closer To God 1

Do you feel far from God sometimes? Then you might wonder if there are prayers for getting closer to God. We might feel far from God during seasons of change or transitions. Sometimes, we drift away from prayer time or studying God’s word.

If you want a closer relationship with God, you must pray for a more intimate relationship. Remember that relationships are about time and commitment, and spending time praying to get closer to God deepens the bond with Him. Keep reading to discover how you can get closer to God through prayers.

How Can I Get Closer to God Through Prayer?

During Jesus’ time on earth, He often separated Himself from the crowds to pray. This represents how to have a closer relationship with God. However, to get closer to God through prayers, you must first make your way right with God. Therefore, you’ll have to pray prayers to help you make your way right with God. 

Three Prayer Points to Help You Right with God

  1. Dear Father, give me the grace to not seek materialistic things or be tempted by the desires of my flesh. I declare and decree that I will always seek your kingdom and righteousness first because I know that you will give everything else I need and want to me. I pray that Your righteousness will always motivate my actions. God, create within me a pure heart and renew your Spirit within men (Amen).
  2. Heavenly Father, I pray that my lifestyle and behavior reflect you from today. I know that actions borne out of righteousness and justice are more acceptable to you than the sacrifice of wrongs repeatedly made. Help me make my way right with you and do the acceptable things to You. I declare that I will continuously pursue you (Amen).
  3. O Lord, help me make my way right with you. Let my mind focus on what is true, honorable, and acceptable to you. I pray that whatever you find right is confirmed by Your Word. Help me focus on what is pure and wholesome. Let all things that are praiseworthy be the foundation of my daily meditation (Amen)
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How to Draw Closer to God Every Day

Now that you have made your way right with God, there are some steps you can take to draw closer to Him every day. Below, you’ll find some tips you can incorporate into your daily life to develop a closer relationship with God. On that note, let’s take a look.

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1. Seek His Presence Daily

When it comes to being closer to God, it is a continuous venture. You can’t find God today and then relax with it. To have a close relationship with God, you must keep finding and knowing Him more. When you consistently search for Him, you will find Him. Jeremiah 29:13 says, ‘you will seek Me and find Me when you seek me with all your heart.’ 

It’s clear that God wants you to strengthen your relationship with Him daily and when you do this, He promises that you will find him. This shows that the more you seek His presence, the closer you will be to the heavenly Father.

2. Call on Him Every Day

Prayer is the key to having a closer relationship with God. Prayer is a conversation between You and God. When you’re praying, there’s no third -party; it’s just you and your creator having a conversation. Therefore, this would build a closer relationship between you and God. 

Like Jesus, always find a serene environment to call on God. A peaceful atmosphere is a key to getting close to God. This is important to avoid distractions and ensure your entire focus is on conversations with God. Prayer helps you stay connected to God and is a way to seek His guidance in your everyday life. 

Bible Verses About Your Relationship with God

As always, the Bible holds answers for everything. So if you’re wondering what the Bible says about our relationship with God, below are some verses to help you along.

  1. Jeremiah 29:13
  2. John 17:3
  3. John 6:44
  4. Revelations 3:20
  5. John 1:10-13

Three Prayer Points for a Closer Relationship with God

If you’re clueless about prayer points to draw closer to God, the three examples below will help set you on the right path.

  1. Mighty Lord, you deserve all praise, love, and honor. You’re my strong tower, my refuge, and my strength. I place my confidence and trust in you. I love you, Lord, with all my heart; help me to continue to rejoice and praise your name forever (Amen).
  2. Almighty Father, I pray you will help me develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with you. Help me grow in faith and hear your voice within my soul. Father, help me be attentive to your call so I may walk in your righteousness. Open my eyes to see the many blessings you bestow on me, especially the small ones I sometimes take for granted. (Amen).
  3. Walk with me, God, and take me to where I can experience an outpouring of your love and mercy. Help me to hunger and thirst for the things of you. I believe in you, Lord, and thank you for giving me what I need (Amen).


The prayers shared in this article will help you draw closer to God and develop a strong relationship with God. Developing a closer relationship with God will bring blessings into your life and keep you secure in his love. It also brings you into a place of protection, so start getting closer to God today.

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