Benefits Of Being Chosen By God

benefits of being chosen by God 1

Many people continue to wonder about their purpose on earth and whether God has chosen them. However, being chosen by God is a life-changing experience with many benefits. In this article, we’ll walk you through the many benefits of being chosen by God. We’ll also explore what the Bible says about being chosen by God.

On that note, let’s begin.

Is Everyone Chosen by God?

Although God calls everyone, not everyone is chosen. Jesus sums it all up in Matthew 22:14 when he rightly pointed out that many are called but few are chosen. People with special assignments are often deemed as chosen as was the case of Jesus, John the Baptist, and even Samson.

What Are the Benefits of Being Chosen by God?

Many benefits come with being chosen by God. This makes being chosen by God an exciting future for Christians; let’s look at these benefits.

1. Direction

How often have you been confused about which path is right for you and needs direction? So many people seek perspective on most issues of their life, but this ceases when God chooses you. One of the benefits that come with being God’s chosen is direction. God will direct your path toward righteousness and a great future. 

With being chosen comes a clear sense of purpose. That way, all your efforts can be directed toward what matters most. You’re sure of your path and what God wants from you. There’s no confusion about the right step when God chooses you. 

Note that God won’t force you to follow the directions He’s giving you. But if you don’t follow it, you’ll end up going backwards instead of going forwards (Jeremiah 7:24).

2. Abundant Resources

Another benefit that comes with being chosen is abundant resources. God gave up his son to ensure we have life abundantly. However, not everyone is prospering and enjoying the blessings of God to the fullest. When God chooses you, He has complete access to your life and can discern what you need.

God will ensure you have all you need to pursue the path He has set for you. He will satisfy all your needs, so you don’t have to struggle in life. However, these abundant resources and blessings are only enjoyable when you’re chosen by God and stay true to his purpose for you.

This is summed up in 2 Peter 1:3.

3. God’s Presence Will Go with Thee

Another benefit is the divine protection that comes with it. God will always go with you everywhere, providing protection in His presence. With God’s presence, you’re covered under His shadow of protection, and nothing and no one can harm you. God gave Moses the promise of his presence in Exo. 33:14

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4. Victory Over the Enemies

God is our defense against our enemies, and His word is the sword that cuts through every defense the enemy has. When God chooses you, you can rest assured that He won’t leave you in your time of need and when the enemy gathers against you. With His presence always with you.

  • When you walk through the fire, He’ll be there.
  • If you’re going through a storm, know that He speaks to the storm and they obey.
  • Even when you’re going through the valley of the shadow of death, He’ll lead you through safely.
  • And when there seems to be no way, He’ll make a way.
  • When there’s nothing in the desert, He’ll make sure you see rivers in the desert.

5. You’ll Have a Name

God gives you a name when he chooses you as His. Examples of this benefit can be seen throughout the Bible. Abram became Abraham, Jacob became Israel, Saul became Paul, Sarai became Sarah, Simon to Peter, and many more. God gives His chosen ones a new name to indicate their new position with Him. 

When God calls you, he changes everything about you because you no longer identify with the person you were before He called you. His new grace upon your life changes everything about you, including your name. He will give you a new name that reflects His call upon your life, and the world will know you by the name God gives you.

6. You Become God’s Friend

Another benefit of being chosen by God is the opportunity to become God’s friend. Not many people understand God because they’re not close to Him. Being chosen is an opportunity to bridge all gaps to become God’s friend and understand His personality as much as He reveals Himself to you. When you become God’s friend, you can relate to Him better and teach others to do it better. You can enjoy His presence more and go deeper in following him.

benefits of being chosen by God 1

How Do You Know if God Has Chosen You?

Many signs show that God has chosen you. But, if you’re unsure and need some signs, below are some signs you’ve been chosen by God.

1. You’re Sure of Your Love for God

When God chooses you, there’s an assurance you feel that nothing can separate you from the love of God. You’re now a part of his people, and you’re assured that nothing can take you away from God’s love.

2. You Become Christlike 

Once God chooses you, the Holy Spirit is at work in you. This reflects physically as your character changes to reflect Christlikeness. Your sense of purpose transforms, and as you understand that Christ died for humanity, you don’t want to live for yourself. At this point, you commit your life to live for Christ and dying for him if necessary.

3. Your Mind Is Transformed

Another salient sign you should look out for is that your mind transforms to have an eternal outlook when God chooses you. The Holy Spirit that now resides in you will change the way you think, and your focus will be more on the things with eternal value. 

4. You Discover Your Spiritual Gift

Everybody God chooses to fulfill His plans receives a spiritual gift. Therefore, your spiritual gift will begin to reveal itself when you’re chosen. These gifts can help you fulfill your calling and serve God in many ways.

5. Your Life Becomes a Living Testimony of God’s Goodness

You’ll become a living testimony of His goodness through the abundant resources that He provides for you when He chooses you. Those that have faith and believe will see God’s miracles in their life, and their everyday life will become a reflection of God’s faithfulness.

6. Your Aura Draws People to God

When you are chosen by God, your charisma changes, and you begin attracting people to yourself and God. This is simply the reflection of Christ in you and the glory of God. God’s grace becomes evident in your life; as people see this, they’re drawn to you and want to be like you. 

What Does the Bible Say About Being Chosen?

The Bible gives us insight into what it means to be chosen. Below are some Bible verses you should check out when you want to understand what it means to be God’s chosen.

  1. John 15:16
  2. 1 Peter 2:9
  3. Jeremiah 1:5
  4. Deuteronomy 14:2
  5. Matthew 22:14
  6. Romans 8:29

Where Does the Bible Say Many Are Called, but Few are Chosen, and What Does It Mean?

As a Christian, you must have heard the phrase ‘many are called, but few are chosen.’ To understand what it means, you must first understand where the Bible mentions it. In Matthew 22:1-14, Jesus tells a parable and ends it with the phrase ‘many are called, but few are chosen. 

This phrase is about a king who holds a feast for His son and invites many to come, but they refuse to.

Eventually, He opens the door to His Kingdom to many by asking His servant to invite everyone in the street. However, Jesus tells us of a man in the feast who is not wearing a wedding garment and is, therefore, sent out into the darkness by the King.

This means that when we stand before God on the last day and are not clothed in His righteousness, he will cast us out.

Although the call went out to everyone, good and bad, only some responded. Additionally, you must wear the robe of his righteousness to make it into the kingdom.

Few are chosen among the many invited because only a few people want to pay the price.

To be chosen by God, you must show that you want a life with Him. Only 100% obedience and faithfulness to God qualifies you for being chosen by God.

What is the purpose of being chosen and appointed by God?

The answer to this question is mostly determined by the plans God has for the person as seen in Jer. 29:11. Here, we see this purpose play out in the life of Saul who persecuted Christians but later became Paul and preached the gospel he once imprisoned people for (Acts 9:16).


To be God’s chosen is an exciting privilege, and it isn’t everyone who gets this privilege. When God chooses you, you get to enjoy the benefit that comes with it. However, these benefits are not to be taken for granted. You can work towards being God’s chosen today by surrendering totally to Him. Try today, and see for yourself the difference it will make. 

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