These 7 Ways To Hear God’s Voice Are Always Overlooked

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God always speaks to His people as a way of leading them in His will and ways. It’s not His desire that you remain lost and uncertain about life, He wants you to walk in light and righteousness. In this piece, I’ll share 7 ways to hear God’s voice as you live your Christian life.

What are the 7 ways to hear God’s voice?

There are several ways you can hear God speak to you. However, for this article, I’ll be dropping it down to the most significant seven(7). So, here are the 7 ways to hear God’s voice.

1. His word.

God always speaks through his word. The Bible is God’s written message to the world (2 Timothy 3:16). And obeying the written word is like obeying God’s voice in person because it’s still the same God that’s speaking. So, a perfect way to hear God’s voice is through His word. Therefore, you must pay diligent and close attention to recognizing God’s word for your life and situation through the Bible.

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2. Through His Audible voice

This is one of the clearest ways God speaks to us. God speaks to us through the audible voice to give his people directions. An example of this is found in Acts 13:2-3. The disciples were ministering to the Lord, they were worshiping God, and during their meeting, the Holy Ghost said with an audible voice to separate Paul and Barnabas for the work of ministry. And they yielded to the voice and sent them away. So, God can speak to you through the audible voice.

3. God speaks through Revelation

Another way God speaks to us is by revelation and visions, unlike audible voices, revelation is indeed one of the most obvious methods God uses to speak to us. Revelation is received when we are asleep and unconscious, sometimes it comes in the form of dreams, visions and a quick flash. An example of this is that of Cornelius, the centurion, and Peter in Acts 10.

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4. Through Prophecy

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Prophecy is God’s way of making His intentions known to man through another man. This can either be done directly through our lips or through someone else, in which case one is prophesying to oneself aloud. It may happen when one is praying alone or even among other people.

5. He Speaks Through worship

We can hear God’s voice when praising him, it occurs when one is alone in an appointed time with God, a time created only to praise God. The Bible says God inhabits the praises of His people. So, when you praise Him, God can minister to your heart through the songs you sing

6. Through the inner witness

God has given us His Spirit to guide us unto all truth, John 16: 13. And the Holy Spirit reveals to us the person of God. He is God living in the believers in Christ. So, it is possible to hear him speak to you.

7. Through stillness

Most times people like some alone time, away from everything, just by themselves trying to meditate and get their mental health in order, God uses any opportunity to speak to his children or communicate with them. So, you can hear from God in quiet places.

How do you know you heard His voice?

Let’s quickly see something important in the Gospel of John 10. This was Jesus speaking here. He was giving an illustration of a man’s relationship with God.

Explaining how your intimacy with God will help you know God’s voice is distinct from the devil. He preached salvation to them in the form of a parable.

John 10: 1-5, the sheep knows the voice of the shepherd because the shepherd has been with them for a long time. 

He must have been taking them out to graze and also protecting them from harm. So, the sheep are familiar with the voice of the shepherd, and they won’t mistake the voice of a stranger for him.

Therefore, your fellowship with God consistently is a guaranteed determinant for recognizing the voice of God and staying rest assured that you heard Him speak to you in whatever situation you find yourself in.

Moreover, you must know that the word of God is a sure guide to knowing you heard Him speak to you. Whatever you are going to hear God say to you will never contradict what God has spoken and now is written in His word. If what you heard contradicts what is written in the Bible, then you can be sure it’s not God’s voice you heard.

Prayers to hear God’s voice 

Here are prayers to hear God’s voice;

  1. Lord, today, I am attentive to the voice of your spirit inside of me. Please speak to me.
  2. Father, I declare that my spiritual ears are open to hearing you, in Jesus’ name.
  3. Father, I declare that I am free from every spirit of distraction that wants to distract me from hearing your voice in Jesus’ name.

What does the Bible say about hearing God’s voice? 

God is not like all those graven images who have eyes but can’t see, ears but can’t hear and mouths but can’t speak. Our God can hear, see and talk, we see that in the scriptures (Genesis 1: 3; Psalms 65: 2; 1 Peter 3: 12), and the ultimate proof of these abilities is seen in Christ Jesus, who is the image of God (Hebrews 1: 3). 

So, we are to always be prepared to hear from God. Here are the bible verses talking about hearing from God; John 10:27, Isaiah 30:21, Romans 10:17, and Psalms 85:8.

Here are 5 Psalms to hear from God

  1. Psalm 85: 8
  2. Psalm 5: 3
  3. Psalm 119: 105
  4. Psalm 145: 18
  5. Psalm 32: 8

What are the keys to hearing God’s voice?

Here are 4 important keys to hearing God’s voice.

  1. Build a relationship with God through his word.
  2. Always have time alone to meditate and be alone with God.
  3. Be open to God speaking to you through your church leaders.
  4. Acknowledge the presence of God’s Spirit indwelling you.


God always speaks to His people, and you’re not excluded from hearing His voice. Therefore, pay attention to his voice within you today, and be sure to follow it. 

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