Why Is God The Supreme Being?

why is God the supreme being

Throughout history, people have tried to make sense of the world around them. They have searched for explanations for the forces of nature, the origins of life, and the purpose of existence. For many, the answer to these questions lies in the concept of God as the supreme being. And this begs the question, why is God called the supreme being?

In this article, I’ll share my thoughts on this topic from a biblical perspective. 

Why is God the supreme being?

There are several reasons why I believe that God is the supreme being. And I’ll start with the first four words of the Bible in Gen. 1:1, which reads, “In the beginning, God.” 

God existed before the world as we know it today began. And His existence is the bedrock of our existence. This means we exist because He willfully gave us a chance to exist.

Rev. 1:8 also points to the fact that God has existed throughout the ages. And in Isaiah 43:13, God reaffirmed this standpoint when He talked of his existence before the days became, i.e., he affirmed his position as the ancient of days.

In Gen. 1:26, God called on other beings He created to join him to make man in his image and likeness. Only a supreme being can summon other beings into his presence. In Job 1:6, all the sons of God came to present themselves to God. 

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These verses show that God is a supreme being because everything that ever exists came into existence because of Him. 

In one of her songs, one Nigerian singer said, “God created time and stepped out of that time to control the time he created.”

God is the creator of all that exists. Psalm 24:1 highlights the sovereignty of God over all that exists. And the process of creation outlined in Genesis Chapter 1 backs it up.

In all, God is the supreme being. This is summarized in the book of Colossians 1:16, which affirms that everything came into existence by Him.  

What are the characteristics of God as a Supreme Being?

While I deliberated on this topic with some of my friends, one of us asked, “What characteristics make God a supreme being?”

I won’t limit God to these characteristics because He’s bigger than all. It’s my way of saying this is why I believe He’s a supreme being.

  • God was, is, and is to come. Rev. 1:8
  • He is Omniscience.
  • God is Omnipotence.
  • He is Omnipresence.

Who is more supreme than God?

There’s no one or being that is more supreme than God. In Psalm 86:8, David said that among other gods, none else is like God. The supremeness of God doesn’t negate the presence of other gods. 

But even the other gods don’t come close to the Almighty God in supremeness, nor can their deeds compare to His. In all ramifications, no one comes close to God in supremacy because He is bigger than supremacy itself.

What does the Bible say about the supremacy of God?

Here are some of the bible verses that talk about the supremacy of God

  1. John 17:3
  2. Revelation 1:8
  3. John 1:18
  4. 1 Corinthians 8:5-6
  5. Deuteronomy 6:4 
  6. Genesis 1:26
  7. Genesis 1:1
  8. Revelation 22:13

In all, there’s none like God nor any that can do the things He does. God is the supreme God we say He is, not because we say it, but because He is!

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