Best Highlighters For Bible Journaling: Top Picks

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Highlighting your bible verses is one of the best ways to emphasize key concepts. But not all highlighters are created equal, and choosing the right one might be a bit of a hurdle if you don’t know what to look out for. Fear not – we’ve rounded up some of the best highlighters for Bibles that will let you mark God’s Word with vibrant colors.

So by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll know which of the best pens and highlighters for the Bible to get.

Recommended Highlighters

1. BELIEVE Bible Pastel Highlighters – Best Highlighter For Bible Journaling

If you’re in a hurry and want to know what highlighter is best for the Bible, I think you’ll love the BLIEVE Bible Pastel Highlighter set. This no-bleed bible highlighter set offers you different colors to highlight the words and verses of the Bible that speak to you when you study. It’s affordable, available in multiple colors, and will meet your highlighting needs.

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2. G.T. Luscombe Zebrite Highlighter Set – Best Pens and Highlighters For Bibles

If our top pick, BLIEVE highlighter, doesn’t catch your fancy, this Luscombe Zebrite highlighter set will. It’s a double-ended pen highlighter set that allows you to highlight all you want in your Bibles and other books without fear of bleed-through.

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Table Of The Best Highlighters

Highlighters For Bible JournalingNo BleedInk Color
BELIEVE Bible Pastel HighlightersYes Peach, light pink, lilac, ice blue, mermaid, lime, bright yellow, and orange
G.T. Luscombe Zebrite Highlighter SetYes Violet, yellow, green, blue, and pink.
Mr. Pen Bible Highlighters & Pens KitYes Black, blue, green, pink, yellow, and orange
DIVERSEBEE No Bleed Bible HighlightersYes Five earthy colors
Zebra Pen Mildliner Double-Ended Highlighter SetYes Vermilion, brown, gold, smoke blue, magenta, red, gray, violet, and dark blue.
YISAN Bible Highlighters No Bleed Gel HighlightersYes Pink, blue, gray, green, teal, yellow, and orange

How do I know which highlighter is best for the Bible?

There are several factors to consider; we examined some of them below

Construction Quality

Noting the construction quality of a Bible highlighter is essential. You should look at the quality of materials used, the design, and whether or not it will bleed or smudge onto other pages. Highlighters with thick plastic or metal bodies are usually more durable, so if you’re after something that’ll withstand prolonged use, consider getting them. All the highlighters on our review list are top-quality.

Ink Type & Color

The type of ink used in Bible highlighters is another thing to consider. Most highlighters use pigment-based inks that won’t bleed through the paper, while some use dye-based inks that may bleed through pages if not water-resistant.

Color-wise, you can choose highlighters either in pastel or fluorescent colors. These are highly recommended colors because they don’t overwhelm the text on the page. Bright pink or light yellow are usually great options as they provide enough contrast without drawing too much attention.

Your highlighter set will often come in at least five colors.


It’s essential to consider your budget when shopping for Bible highlighters. Fortunately, plenty of inexpensive options are available, so you don’t have to break the bank to get a great set of highlighters. But ensuring you’re getting good value for money is vital. Therefore, we recommend you look for highlighters with good reviews.

Ease Of Use & Tip Size

You should also consider the ease of use of a Bible highlighter. As odd as this may sound, you’ll be annoyed if your twister on a twist-up highlighter isn’t working.

Some highlighters are easier to control than others, so if you’re likely to highlight a lot, look for a highlighting pen with a comfortable grip and smooth-flowing ink.

Regarding tip size, Bible highlighters come in different tip sizes, and it’s essential to choose one that won’t be too thick or thin for your purposes. Generally, narrow tips are better for detailed highlighting, while wider ones can quickly cover larger text sections.

Quick Drying & No Bleed Design

Look for Bible highlighters that have fast-drying and no-bleed designs. This is important, as it ensures the ink doesn’t smudge on other pages or take too long to dry. A good no-bleed design will also prevent your highlights from running into the next page of text.

Many highlighters now come with a “no-bleed” design, so you can be sure that your highlights will stay where you want them. 

Our Highlighters Reviewed

1. BLIEVE Bible Pastel Highlighters

BLIEVE Bible Pastel Highlighters best bible highlighter image

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Introducing BELIEVE Bible Pastel Highlighters: the perfect tool for emphasizing, highlighting, and drawing attention to important scripture passages.

With eight beautiful, subtle pastel shades – peach, light pink, lilac, ice blue, mermaid, lime, bright yellow, and orange – you can easily read through and highlight even the smallest words without sacrificing visibility or getting a headache.

The BLIEVE highlighter’s design ensures you won’t struggle with smudging or bleeding. And you can be sure it won’t dry up when left open. The twist-up design lets you quickly retract and bring up more highlighters, so you’re never worried about running out of color.

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If need be, you can even sharpen it quickly if it starts to wear down, which is great if you’re using it to add a pop of color to your planner or journal.

Show off your creative side and never miss an important phrase or appearance with BELIEVE Bible Pastel Highlighters!

2. G.T. Luscombe Zebrite Highlighter Set

best highlighters for bibles image

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This G.T. Luscombe Zebrite Highlighter Set will interest you.

It contains a high-quality, vibrant set of five highlighters in 5 bold colors – violet, yellow, green, blue, and pink. And it’s undeniably perfect for highlighting important passages in larger texts like Bibles, legal books, journals, and textbooks.

With its enhanced no-bleed design, there’s no need to worry about smearing, smudging, or fading. You’ll get perfect, even, crispy highlights that will last. Add that to the double-ended design courtesy of a broad chisel tip and a fine bullet tip.

The double tip lets you switch between broad highlighting and fine underlining in seconds. The non-toxic, archival-pigmented ink and quick-drying formula make this bible pen highlighter a must-have for anyone looking for zebrite highlighters.

You’ll also like the bible study color code in this Luscombe Zebrite Highlighter Set’s storage pouch. It comes in handy for grouping your highlights.

Get that fabulous, bold look for your reading experience with the G.T. Luscombe Zebrite Highlighter Set – the perfect accessory for your Bible study!

3. Mr. Pen Bible Highlighters & Pens Kit

Mr. Pen Bible Highlighters

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Conveniently packaged in a set of four non-bleed fine point pens and four gel highlighters is the Mr. Pen Bible Highlighters Pens. With it, you’ll have all the colors and tools you need to take your bible study to the next level. Choose from black, blue, green, pink, yellow, and orange to find your perfect combination of shades.

Each gel pen highlighter features a unique and clever twist-up gel stick design, which promises to never bleed through your Bible or any other paper. Every color is as crisp and clear as the last, and you can rest assured they won’t leave any smears behind.

And even if you forget to cap your pens, the gel won’t dry up, so there’s no fear of ever needing a replacement soon. The pens are easily sharpenable if you need to create an extra fine tip.

Don’t waste any more time with inferior Bible highlighting pens. Get the Mr. Pen Bible Highlighters Pens Set.

4. DIVERSEBEE No Bleed Bible Highlighters

DIVERSEBEE Bible Highlighters Pens

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If the top three bible highlighters we’ve reviewed don’t tickle your fancy, perhaps the DIVERSEBEE No Bleed Bible Highlighters will. They’re arguably a handy highlighter that’ll meet your Bible study needs!

This crayon-like highlighter is designed to give you the right marks on your pages with each touch. Its unique no-bleed ink means you won’t have to worry about any mess or ruined pages!

With eight different colors, you can color code your scriptures for reference later, making your study time more efficient.

It’s also easy to apply, and the twist design ensures you have more highlighter. Although it’s crayon-like, it doesn’t smear on your pages. And if need be, you can easily sharpen the tip to get the finer highlight you need.

The only thing to worry about is a few crumbs here or there occasionally! Get the DIVERSEBEE No Bleed Bible Highlighters today and watch your study time soar to new heights!

5. Zebra Pen Double-Ended Highlighter Set

Zebra Pen Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter Set

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Make highlighting easier and more vibrant than ever with the Zebra Pen Highlighter Set! This set comes with eight unique colors in one convenient package, ensuring all your writing and highlighting needs are covered.

Available colors include vermilion, brown, gold, smoke blue, magenta, red, gray, violet, and dark blue. The dual-tip design with a broad chisel tip and a fine bullet point gives you precisely the coverage you need on each page.

With the dual tip, you can easily use the highlighter for underlining and highlighting text. Plus, their unique mild color makes text pop without ever overwhelming it.

The Mildliner highlighters also feature a water-resistant layer of ink, so you can rest assured that your highlights won’t bleed through the page. And, with the included storage case, you can easily take your set anywhere!

Get the Zebra Pen Mildliner Double-Ended Highlighter Set today, and highlight your texts with bold, vibrant colors.

6. YISAN Bible Highlighters No Bleed Gel Highlighters


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Here’s the YISAN Bible Highlighters No Bleed Gel Highlighters – the perfect highlighters for studying your Bible!

This crayon marker highlighter features a special no-bleed gel that helps prevent smears and smudges on your Bible’s pages. This means your pages and verses stay clear and easy to read. You can leave your highlighters uncapped, and they won’t dry out! Now you can make your notes and highlight them with ease.

We offer eight vibrant colors for convenience, making your Bible highlights look even more stylish. Available colors include pink, blue, gray, green, teal, yellow, and orange. These colors are also perfect for color coding; you can match the colors to the notes and themes of your readings.

They come in a unique twist-up design, ensuring the highlighting gel comes out whenever you need more. With YISAN Bible Highlighters, you can be sure that your readings are fully and adequately highlighted in the most transparent way possible.

Is it okay to highlight the Bible?

Many people find it helpful to highlight passages in their Bible. Highlighting can help with studying and remembering important points or scriptures. It also serves as a visual reminder of key text sections you may want to refer to later. Therefore, it’s okay to highlight the Bible.

You should respect the text and not obscure it if you choose to highlight your Bible. Your Bible should remain legible and presentable.

What are the things to highlight in the Bible?

You should look for several things if you don’t know what to highlight in the Bible.

Some common things to highlight include

  1. Key passages of scripture.
  2. Powerful and meaningful verses.
  3. Verses that stand out as prayer points.
  4. Promises from God.
  5. Examples of faith actions.
  6. Words of wisdom from the Bible.
  7. Parables and stories that illustrate an important point.
  8. Verses that help you to remember key teachings.
  9. Words or phrases that encourage, challenge, or motivate you.

Can you use normal highlighters in a bible?

Yes, you may be able to use regular highlighters in a Bible. However, looking for Bible-safe highlighters with pigment-based ink and a no-bleed design would be best. These will prevent the ink from seeping through the pages and smudging other parts of the text.

Should I get a lighter or darker highlighter?

The answer to this question depends on the type of text you will be highlighting. If you are highlighting dark-colored text, such as a black font, then it might help to use a lighter highlighter color so that the highlights stand out more.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with white or light-colored fonts, it might be helpful to use a darker, highlighter color to see the highlights more easily.

Ultimately, you should choose your highlighter’s color based on what looks best and is easiest to read with the text colors you are working with.

What does it mean to press into God2

Are Bible highlighters different from regular highlighters?

Yes, Bible highlighters are different from regular highlighters. This is because they usually come with ink that won’t bleed through pages, a narrow or broad tip for accurate highlighting, and bright yet subtle colors to keep the text visible.

Bible highlighters also often come in sets of multiple colors, which can be helpful when studying or memorizing different parts of the Bible. You can assign a different color for various topics or ideas to help differentiate them.

How do you highlight a Bible without bleeding?

Using a highlighter with a no-bleed design and pigment-based ink is the best way to highlight a Bible without bleeding. This will ensure the ink won’t smudge onto other pages or take too long to dry. If it also has a narrow tip, that’d be great.

How to use bible highlighters effectively

Bible highlighters are a great way to study and remember key passages from the Bible. To use them effectively,

  1. You should be selective when highlighting – don’t highlight too much text, or it will become overwhelming.
  2. Try to keep your highlighting organized by assigning each color of highlighter a different meaning, such as marking promises from God with one color and prayer points with another.
  3. When highlighting, carefully read each text before marking it.
  4. Make notes in the margins of your Bible or write down keywords to remember important passages where necessary without highlighting them.
  5. Remember to take breaks from highlighting to study the Word – this will help you to stay focused on the text.
  6. Pray for guidance when studying your Bible, and ask God to open your heart to His Word as you read it.


Highlighting your Bible is a great way to study and remember essential scripture parts that stand out to you. You can mark the text with the best bible highlighters without damaging it. Just be sure to select colors that are not too overwhelming and keep up with organizing your highlights as you go along. 

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