How Old Was Jesus When He Got Baptized?

How Old Was Jesus When He Got Baptized?

There’s been a lot of debate over the years about how old Jesus was when he got baptized. Some say he was just a toddler, while others claim he was in his late twenties. But what does the Bible say? Let’s take a closer look.

So, How Old Was Jesus When He Got Baptized?

The Bible doesn’t give us a specific age for when Jesus was baptized, but it did mention in Luke 3:23 that Jesus was “about thirty years old” at the time. So, based on what we know from the Bible, it’s safe to say that Jesus was probably in His late twenties to mid-30s when He got baptized.

The important thing is that Jesus was obedient to God’s plan for His life, even when it meant stepping out in faith and doing something that might have seemed strange to others.

Why did Jesus wait so long to be baptized?

There are a few possible explanations for why Jesus waited until He was around 30 years old to get baptized.

It’s possible that Jesus was waiting for the right time and circumstances. After all, He didn’t just start His ministry on a whim – He had been planning and preparing for it His whole life. So when the time was finally right, He made His move and got baptized.

For one thing, He also wanted to fulfill all righteousness (Matthew 3:15). In other words, Jesus felt it was important to set an example for His followers by being baptized.

Whatever the reasons were, we can be sure that Jesus had good reasons for waiting to be baptized. And His example shows us that we can trust Him, even when we don’t understand His timing or ways.

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What did Jesus say about being baptized?

Interestingly, Jesus didn’t say a whole lot about being baptized.

In John 3:5, Jesus mentioned that baptism of water and the spirit is vital to enter into the Kingdom of God. His example shows us that baptism is an integral part of following God. And that’s something we can all take to heart, no matter our age or stage in life.

Why did John not want to baptize Jesus at first?

John the Baptist was a man who took his job very seriously. He was called by God to “prepare the way” for the coming of the Messiah (Luke 3:4). And he did that by baptizing people in the Jordan River and proclaiming that they needed to repent of their sins.

So when Jesus came to him for baptism, John hesitated at first. After all, Jesus was sinless and didn’t need to repent like everyone else. But Jesus insisted anyway, saying it was “necessary to fulfill all righteousness” (Matthew 3:15).

Ultimately, John realized that he needed to obey God, even if he didn’t understand His plan. And his example shows us that we can trust God, even when we don’t understand His ways.

How Old Was Jesus When He Got Baptized 2

What are two reasons why Jesus was baptized?

The two main reasons why Jesus was baptized were

  1. To fulfill all righteousness and
  2. Set an example for His followers.

What did God say when Jesus was baptized?

When Jesus was baptized, God spoke from heaven and said, “This is my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Matt. 3:17).

Was Jesus tempted after baptism?

Yes, Jesus was tempted after He was baptized. The Bible tells us that “immediately the Spirit sent him out into the wilderness” (Mark 1:12). And it was in the wilderness that Jesus faced great temptations. But He overcame them all by relying on God’s power and Word.

This shows us that even Jesus wasn’t immune to temptation. But it also shows us that we can overcome temptation if we trust God and His promises. So no matter what temptations we face in life, we can know that God will always be with us and help us to overcome them. 

Do we need to be baptized to follow Jesus?

In the Bible, we see that some people were baptized immediately after becoming followers of Jesus (see Acts 2:41). But in other cases, people were baptized later in their journey (see Acts 8:36-38).

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide whether or not they want to be baptized. If you’re interested in being baptized, you should talk to your pastor or another church leader. They can answer any questions and prepare you for baptism.


Baptism is a must for all Christians. It’s a way to show our commitment to Him and to receive His forgiveness. And it’s also a way to set an example for others. So if you’ve never been baptized, I encourage you to talk to your pastor or another church leader about taking that step. You won’t regret it.

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