What are the Gifts of an Evangelist? 3 Powerful Gifts

what are the gifrs of an evangelist

The gift of evangelism is a spiritual calling conferred upon certain individuals in the body of Christ to effectively share the message of the Gospel and direct others to faith in Jesus Christ. While not every Christian has this specific gift, those who do are blessed with a set of intrinsic talents and qualities that enable them to fulfill their calling with great effectiveness and impact. 

In this article, we will examine the signs of an evangelistic calling, the characteristics of an evangelist, their spiritual qualities, the work they do, and the possibility of an evangelist also having the gift of prophecy.

So, what are the gifts of an evangelist?

These gifts can include

  1. The ability to connect with people from all walks of life
  2. A natural enthusiasm for sharing the good news.
  3. A deep understanding of the Bible and its message of salvation.

Evangelists may also possess a gift for public speaking, a talent for storytelling, or the ability to meet people where they are and speak to their specific needs and concerns. While not every Christian is called to be an evangelist, those who are can have a profound impact on the people they encounter, bringing hope, healing, and transformation to those who may have never heard the Gospel before.

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How do I know I have the gift?

Understanding the gift of evangelism can be a deeply personal experience. Some signs of an evangelistic calling include a burning passion for sharing the Gospel, an irresistible desire to lead others to Christ, and a genuine love for people. Additionally, individuals with the gift of evangelism often possess excellent communication skills, an ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds, and a natural ability to explain complex spiritual concepts in simple terms.

Signs of an evangelistic calling

  1. The deep burden of the lost 
  2. Boldness and fearlessness in sharing the Gospel
  3. Joy in sharing the Gospel
  4. Effective communication skills
  5. Empathy and compassion for others
  6. Sensitivity to divine opportunities
  7. Ability to connect with people from various backgrounds

Who is an evangelist by calling?

An evangelist is someone who has received a specific calling from God to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and make disciples. This calling goes beyond personal evangelism and involves a lifelong commitment to the ministry of evangelism. While all Christians are called to share their faith, an evangelist is uniquely equipped and anointed by the Holy Spirit to carry out this task on a larger scale.

14 characteristics of the evangelist

  1. Passionate about evangelism
  2. Gifted in communication
  3. Empathetic and compassionate
  4. Courageous and bold
  5. Persistent in prayer
  6. Discerning spiritual needs
  7. Flexible and adaptable
  8. Intuitive in identifying divine opportunities
  9. Culturally sensitive
  10. Skilled in building relationships
  11. Committed to personal growth and learning
  12. Humble and servant-hearted
  13. Team player and mentor
  14. Committed to making disciples

Can an evangelist be a prophet?

While the gifts of evangelism and prophecy are distinct, an individual can operate in both. Some evangelists may also have prophetic gifting, enabling them to speak forth God’s messages and insights with accuracy and clarity. This combination can enhance their ability to communicate the Gospel effectively, bringing both conviction and encouragement to those they minister to.

Spiritual qualities of an evangelist

Apart from their natural talents and acquired skills, evangelists possess spiritual qualities that enable them to carry out their calling effectively. These qualities include:

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  1. A deep dependence on the Holy Spirit
  2. Unwavering faith in God’s Word
  3. A life of prayer
  4. Genuine love for people 
  5. A heart aligned with God’s purposes.

What is the work of an evangelist?

The primary work of an evangelist is to share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, reaching out to both believers and non-believers. They may preach in churches, conduct open-air evangelistic meetings, engage in personal evangelism, participate in missions, or utilize various media platforms to spread the Gospel. The work of an evangelist goes beyond the initial conversion, as they are also involved in discipleship and nurturing new believers in their faith.

what are the gifts of an evangelist

What are the gifts of a prophetic evangelist?

A prophetic evangelist is a unique combination of the gifts of evangelism and prophecy. They not only have a burning passion for sharing the gospel but also possess an ability to hear from God and communicate His message effectively. Here are some of the gifts and qualities commonly found in a prophetic evangelist:

1. Prophetic Insight

A prophetic evangelist has an increased sensitivity to the voice of God. They can discern spiritual realities and receive specific insights and revelations from God about individuals, situations, or communities. This gift enables them to address the specific needs and concerns of those they are ministering to.

2. Audacity and Courage: 

Like all evangelists, a prophetic evangelist possesses the boldness and courage to proclaim the gospel fearlessly. They are not afraid to step out of their comfort zones, confront challenging situations, or engage with people from various backgrounds. This boldness comes from their unwavering faith in God’s power to transform lives through the gospel.

3. Anointing for Signs and Wonders: 

Prophetic evangelists often operate in the realm of signs, wonders, and miracles. They have a heightened faith to see God’s supernatural intervention in the lives of people as they share the gospel. This anointing serves as a confirmation of their message and brings people to the truth of Christ.

4. Discernment of Spirits: 

With the gift of prophecy, a prophetic evangelist possesses a keen discernment of spirits. They can recognize the presence of demonic influences, spiritual strongholds, and the working of the Holy Spirit. This gift aids them in identifying areas of spiritual bondage or oppression that hinder individuals from receiving the gospel.

5. Rigid Biblical Preaching: 

A prophetic evangelist diligently studies and understands God’s Word, enabling them to preach with authority and conviction. They present the gospel in a way that challenges the prevailing cultural norms, confronts sin, and calls for repentance and surrender to Christ.

6. Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit: 

Prophetic evangelists rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit in their evangelistic endeavors. They are attuned to His leading, which helps them discern the right timing, approach, and message for each individual or situation. This sensitivity allows them to effectively communicate the gospel in a way that resonates with people’s hearts.

7. Compassion for Revival: 

Prophetic evangelists have a deep desire to see revival and transformation in individuals and communities. They carry a burden for souls and are driven by a longing to see people encounter God’s love and experience His saving grace. This passion fuels their evangelistic efforts and motivates them to persistently intercede for the lost.

Wrapping up

The gifts of a prophetic evangelist encompass a unique combination of evangelistic zeal, prophetic insight, boldness, anointing for signs and wonders, discernment of spirits, biblical preaching, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and a heart for revival. 

Prophetic evangelists are instrumental in reaching the lost, bringing transformation, and building God’s kingdom. By effectively merging the gifts of prophecy and evangelism, they play a vital role in spreading the gospel, edifying believers, and ushering in God’s kingdom purposes.

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