God Is Working On Your Behalf NOW!!!

God is working on your behalf

Many times, believers go through dire predicaments which come off as though our world is falling apart, and also that there’s no more hope for us in those circumstances; it seems the world is going to end. Maybe you’ve tried your hands on so many things, but they still prove not to work, and you resolve to give up and end your life.

I bring you God’s word today that giving up isn’t your last option, there’s still hope for you because God himself is working on your behalf. Here, we’ll explore deep into the topic and see what it means that God is working on your behalf, so relax and follow closely.

Does God work on our behalf?

Yes, God always works on the behalf of his people. God is a good God. And Jesus; God in the flesh is the express image of the person of God and the brightness of his glory (Hebrews 1: 3). He revealed to us the goodness of God in His sacrifice for the whole world and also displayed how that God is a good shepherd. 

He said in John 10: 11-18, “He is the good shepherd, and the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep”. When we are to look into the word shepherd, it explains many things. A shepherd is someone who tends to flocks that graze; someone to whose care and control of others has been committed, to guide and to look after them. 

The responsibility of a good shepherd goes beyond just taking the flocks out to graze. He also ensures that they are safe and protected from a wild beast. And in case of any attack, he is always there to defend them and fight against the beast in the herd’s stead. In verse 12, He made a distinction between himself and a hireling; that he who is hired for wages won’t be so concerned about the sheep, but will leave them behind and flee in the face of difficulties.

 However, God is that good shepherd who never backs out in the face of challenges, he always stays to ensure the wellness of the flock and fight back in their stead. He never leaves the one behind (Luke 15: 4-7). He gives everything up to look after that lost shepherd before of his love, and you are that one he went after. Therefore, God always works on our behalf.

What does the Bible say about God moving on our behalf?

I will be sharing with you verses of the scriptures that made an emphasis in God moving on the behalf of his people. This will help you build your faith and confidence in God’s ability.

  1. Philippians 1: 6
  2. 2 Chronicles 14: 1-15
  3. Philippians 2: 13
  4. Exodus 3: 7-9
  5. 1 Peter 5:7
  6. Philippians 4: 6-7
  7. 2 Chronicles 20: 1-26

God is always working for our good; how do we know?

There may be times when it’ll seem as though God is so far away from us because we couldn’t see any of his work, not to even talk of feeling it. Everything just feels dry, but one thing we know and are assured of is that whatever the written word of God has spoken is God’s will and mind for us.

His words are true! (Isaiah 55: 11) The word of God is the guarantee that we have and how we know that God is moving on our behalf. 

It’s not until we can feel him or see his workings that we believe that God is working. You must remember that “In the kingdom of God, it is faith over fear and the word of God over feelings”.

It is all about knowing the kind of God and father that you have. This will help you push back the fear of doubt and uncertainty; never give up on God. 

Let’s see what Philippians 1: 6 says about this, “Being CONFIDENT of this very thing, that God who has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ”.

The word confidence means to trust, to be persuaded of a thing concerning a person. So far, it is written in God’s word, then God has said it, and I believe it.

God is never going to give up on you, He has started a good work in you, and He’ll complete it until the very end; he won’t leave your life half-done.

Don’t expect God to do all the work – here’s why?

Although God always works on the behalf of his people; however, do not expect Him to do all the work, you have a role to play as well.

When God created man, he didn’t create us to be a living-breathing robots which can be controlled here and there. Rather he gave us the freedom to make choices, that is, we are in the position to desire and determine what God will do for us.

In that sense, our choices sometimes influence how far God is going to work for us.

 Hence, it is your responsibility to position your heart rightly and faithfully and keep your eyes on God. You must open your hearts up in prayers and feed your spirit with God’s word.

This way, you show your vulnerability and trust in God’s power to act on your behalf. It is also the way to instill and strengthen faith in yourself and also hope in God that he is orchestrating events and circumstances that will work in your favor.  

Examples in the Bible where God was working in people’s lives

We’ve seen several instances in the Bible where God came through for His people and took upon Himself the battle that was theirs to fight.

Now, if God could do it then, that means He can still do the same with you today. So, let’s see an example of people whom God worked in their lives;

2 Chronicles 14: 1-15 tells us about the story of a king Asa, who during his reign over Judah was faced with war against one Zerah the Ethiopian with a host of armies larger than his.

So, the king cried out to God to help him fight this battle, and God came through for him and won the battle in his stead. If you check verse 12, it says, “The Lord smote the Ethiopians before king Asa.” You can also read 2 Chronicles 20: 1-26. 


You can trust in God to fight your battles for you and work things out for your good. For God is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13: 8), He has never once failed. Therefore, do not give up, but give yourself to prayers and studying God’s word to keep your faith attuned to God’s power.

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